What we do
DIAGNOSIS and IDENTIFICATION studies, as a basis for project relevance, suitability and sustainability. We conduct participatory rural appraisals by supporting processes and implementing the best data compilation tools for each particular case.
BASELINE studies, analysing the initial situation of the reality to be addressed so as to make it then possible to measure the changes and the effect brought about by the project. Our methodological approaches aim at obtaining a deliverable that is useful to the organisations, since this tool should be considered throughout the monitoring and evaluation of an intervention.
FORMULATION AND DESIGN, including services for organisations needing an additional reinforcement at particular times (e.g., an expected call for projects) or seeking a better chance of successful funding applications. Our role may be to support, to prepare the project document (whether or not including its identification) or to review and improve its quality. For international cooperation projects, we travel to the field for data compilation, if required. Our areas of expertise include food sovereignty, rural development, agroecology and peasant farming, all with a gender mainstreaming approach. We are also experienced in education, health, water, humanitarian aid and other sectors.
MID-TERM AND FINAL EVALUATIONS to understand the performance of the interventions by analysing criteria such as effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, impact and sustainability. We also analyse the strategy designed, its adaptability and the suitability of its management and monitoring systems. Our view is that final evaluation reports should be a learning mechanism in addition to their accountability function and, thus, special attention is given to the lessons learnt and recommendations.

OTHER external services that may be required by a project, such as studies and researches on gender or human rights, training programmes or any other related to its operation (monitoring system, evaluability assessment), or specific needs of an implementing partner.
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